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Is Your Child with ADD/ADHD Struggling In School? This may be why...

If you have ever been told that your child isn't progressing in school, or your child is in the lowest level because the information isn't sticking, or even worse, that they have to repeat a grade because they haven't learned enough to pass, you don't need to worry anymore. If you want to give your child the tools to perform well in school, be able to make friends, manage their time better and love school again, you have come to the right place.  

There are 3 main reasons why children struggle in school, and we have a solution for all of them.

Lack Reading Comprehension

Often times, children with ADD/ADHD just read the words but don't understand the meaning. If they don't understand the meaning of what they read, they get answers wrong and don't pass their tests. 

Learning Gaps

When a child with ADD/ADHD is learning, they get distracted and this creates gaps. These gaps carry over from grade to grade causing learning difficulties. If these gaps aren't filled, your child will struggle in school.

Different Type of Learner

There are 4 types of learning styles, yet schools usually cater to 1 or 2. Children with ADD/ADHD generally fall in the learning styles that get ignored. If your child learns differently and their teacher isn't meeting their needs, they will struggle in school.

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Why Tailored for Kids?

✓ Unique Formula for your Unique Child

✓ 15 Years ESE Teaching Experience

✓ M.Ed. Curriculum Specialist

Ms. Mady was a classroom teacher for over 15 years in both a private and public school setting. She was the teacher who always had the children who needed a little more T.L.C. and was not-so-secretly dubbed “The patient teacher”. She always had the ability to empathize with struggling learners, and look at their whole learning spectrum when formulating lessons. Using the knowledge she'd learned through her Masters Degree, along with proven best practices and research based information, she was key in formulating the best plans of action for struggling learners with raving parents.

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Unlike most tutoring services, Tailored for Kids offers:
  • Individualized learning plans instead of commercialized memorization tricks.
  • One-on-One learning. No group settings.
  • Proven methods to fix learning gaps permanently.
  • Research based strategies to help struggling readers overcome reading obstacles.
  • Guaranteed increase in reading fluency and comprehension.

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