5 Gifts Every Teacher Wants Parents to Give Them at the End of the Year

We are at the end of the year and you’re thinking of the best thing to give your child’s teacher who has been all sorts of amazing and patient all year long. You’re stumped because you really want to show her how much you appreciate her, but you aren’t sure what to get.

As a teacher of 15 years of students with learning differences, I can tell you these are the things that meant the most to me. So much so, that I pay it forward in the same way to my children’s teachers every year.

Gift Cards:

I promise you can’t ever go wrong with a gift card. Teachers are strapped for cash. Many of them budget everything they have and these extra little splurges are awesome. It doesn’t have to be expensive. One of my favorite gifts I’ve ever received was a $5 Starbucks card tucked inside a disposable Starbucks cup. The parent added some dollar store green tissue paper and the child wrote a cute little note inside. You can do the same thing with a fast food gift card. No teacher is ever going to be upset at a $5 gift card to Chick-Fil-A inside a nugget box! For $6, your teacher will receive a thoughtful and clever gift and will be sure to be appreciated. You can’t beat that!

Anything Summer Related:

As a teacher, we really enjoy our summers off. We do everything we can to decompress from the previous year, all while hyping ourselves up for the upcoming year. If we can use it in the summer, we love it. This year I gave my kids teachers sunscreen, a bottle of rose, and a pair of nice flip flops. That my friends, sounds like a great summer day to me and I’m sure your teacher will remember how much you appreciated them as they sip on their rose by the ocean or the pool.

Random Cup of Coffee/Breakfast/Lunch:

These last couple of weeks are so hectic. Report cards need to be completed. Last minute grading is stacking up. And there’s preparing for end-of-the-year activities. The last thing we have on our mind is feeding ourselves. You have no idea how happy a random cup of coffee on the last week of school makes us feel. Another amazing gift is a surprise breakfast or lunch. I have never met one teacher whose heart didn’t explode every time they received this amazing token of appreciation.

Something the Teacher Can Use to Pamper Themselves:

The week after the children leave the classroom, teachers have to pack everything and cover it up. They have to pack up their desks, their computers, stack all the desks and chairs. They also have to dust and clean all their closets. Needless to say, teachers get very tired this week. Giving your teacher a gift to some place they can pamper themselves is an amazing and thoughtful gift. A manicure at their favorite spot, a massage maybe, or even a homemade kit with things like bath salts, cooling eye masks and face sheet masks would be something to look forward to after those long days. It will be sure to let her know how much you appreciate her. Nothing says thank you like a trip to the spa!

Handwritten Note:

This one by far is the only one that has to accompany any gift, for it’s the most important of all. As a teacher, I have a box with the letters of appreciation I received throughout my years of teaching. I remember going through a very difficult time in my life and finding joy in re-reading all the notes of appreciation from my students and their parents. When a parent takes the time to write something meaningful to a teacher, it makes all the difference in the world. This gesture shows us that you saw our efforts and that you appreciated all the millions of times when we redirected the child, or made exceptions for incomplete HW, and even gave them a million chances because we knew that impulsivity was something out of their control. No matter what else you decide to give the teacher, nothing will be more valuable than an honest heartfelt note of appreciation.

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