About Mrs. Mady

Hi moms of struggling learners,

My name is Mrs. Mady, I was a classroom teacher for over 15 years in both a private and public school setting. I was the teacher who always had the children who needed a little more T.L.C. and was not-so-secretly dubbed “The patient teacher”. I’ve always had the ability to empathize with struggling learners, and look at their whole learning spectrum when formulating lessons. Using the knowledge I learned through my Masters Degree, along with proven best practices and research based information, I was a key in formulating the best plans of action for my struggling learners, and truth be told I was AMAZING!

Parents sought ways to ensure having their children in my class because of my reputation to correct any gaps in learning. But truth be told, I felt so stuck in the classroom. I wanted to do more for the children who struggled. I wanted to have the time to help more than just the handful that landed in my classroom every year. Teaching children who didn’t know how to read, or who were still struggling to do so in 1st and 2nd grade ignited a spark and a passion in my heart.

After a lot of planning, praying and worrying, I decided to pursue a path where I could have the ability to help more children one on one and drastically improve their reading capacity. I needed to use my talent to help children and make it available to everyone. I vowed to eradicate any learning gaps which may be hindering their ability to move forward.

I created a service that would cater specifically to THAT child that teachers resisted in their classrooms, the child who had a hard time making friends, whose parents suffered because they knew the child needed something, they just didn’t know what. I created a specialized plan to turn the struggling student into a star student. A tailored game plan that would fix all the learning gaps the child had and eradicate all learning problems associated with the child’s readiness to learn.

Reading Comprehension specialistIf you have ever been told that your child has learning gaps, or that they have to repeat a grade, or even that they are in the lowest level because information in the classroom just isn’t sticking, you don’t need to worry anymore. If you’re afraid that your child isn’t smart enough, or may be made fun of by their peers, or might lose their love of school, you’ve come to the right place. Your child will not be left behind.

If you struggle with HW every day and you are exhausted because out of the 2-3 hours a day you have with your child you are fighting to complete work for half of that time, this program will allow you more quality time with your child. After completing this program, your child will do great in school, learn to love reading, understand his teacher and the work in school and gain the confidence to be a good student in school. That’s my promise to you.

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