Getting your child on the right track begins with an assessment of your child's learning capacity and what gaps need to be addressed first.

This assessment is completely free and allows me to create a tailored game plan to get your child back on track.

Tailored for Kids Tutoring

All children learn differently but have to follow the same guidelines as the rest of their peers. Using their learning styles, and the assessment of where the child lies academically, I will create a tailored game plan that will satisfy the unique learning style of your child while preparing them to catch up to the rest of their peers.

This plan will ensure no more worrying about your child being left behind, or not liking school. No more worrying about other peers making fun of your child, of retention or of failing.

How Mrs. Mady Can Help You & Your Child Achieve Success Learning

Many parents ask me what our tutoring sessions look like and what sets them apart from other tutors.  First, I like to start with a free 20 min complementary assessment. I give your child some words to read and maybe a light book and then I see as we read where they are struggling. I take this information to create a custom plan to address those gaps.

How I work with your child...

I use 2 programs that help keep track of your child's progress while creating a fun learning experience. One is a custom game based program. This program allows me to manipulate the gaps and assign specific practice to fill them. I also use a leveled reading program. I assign readers that are leveled by Lexile as well as standard reading levels. Your child will receive a virtual bookshelf with custom books and will be assessed using a real time online assessment.

What parents get...

Every weekend I email a detailed report of the skills we worked on, as well as my observations and recommendations. I also include a report generated from the guided readers program. 

Your child gets a special bonus every week!

I use a reward system of stars and every Friday. I will mail my students a package with candies and random knick knacks from my treasure box.  They love this and it keeps them engaged and motivated to keep improving. 

What makes this tutoring style different than the rest?

Our sessions are happy and fun. I am extra patient, but also firm. Some days we watch YouTube videos, or take a little break and talk about our favorite things. The lessons are purely tailored to their needs, but also structured in a way that they are fun, engaging and educational. What sets this apart from the rest is that our sessions are fun, engaging, and tailored to the specific learning needs of your child. I don’t follow a book, but intuitively create a customized curriculum based on the needs of your child which evolves as they do.

How much is it worth to get your child back on track academically?

My fee is $65 per hour. Sessions are broken into two 30 min sessions twice per week and held via Zoom. 

Your Next Step To Help Your Child??

Request a complementary assessment with Mrs. Mady now.